Age is a mindset (Arthur 78)

Age is a mindset

Age is a mindset

The story of a remarkable man

Age: 78
Born: 1935 Ladywood, Birmingham UK
Arthur has a motto in life, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always got.”
Arthur has many passions one being swimming, he began to swim competitively in 1955 whilst in the REME (royal electrical and mechanical engineers) and realising a lifetime goal in 2010. Below is a list of Arthurs swimming achievements.

1955 200mtr free style Army champion
1987 Competed first Euro Masters swimming championships
1990 Competed first ever World swimming Masters Rio de Janeiro
2000 Competed World Swimming Masters Munich
2005 Competed World Master Games Canada
2006 Competed World Swimming Masters California
Arthur was never fully satisfied in his rankings at these events with his highest finish being Bronze x2 in the 1987 Euro Masters. Arthur dug deep in 2010 aged just 75 and decided to enlist the help of a coach whilst upping his physical workouts to increase his strength.

2010 Competed World Swimming Masters Gothenburg.
Competition was tough at this event and to prove this point Arthur set a new British record for the 800 meter freestyle (75-79 age group) but still only came 7th.
Arthur was also entered into the 100meter freestyle (75-79 age group) This time victory was Arthur’s he picked up a Gold and again broke the British record for his age group with a finish time of 76.4s
He wrapped up this event with Silver in the 50meter dash.
Arthur also built his own house along with 8 other budding builders 1966 – 1968 and was given the honour of naming the Close they were built in, he called it “Mallard Close.” Some of the original residents still reside there.
Arthur also began lifestyle modelling for artists in 1975 to bring in extra money during hard times. Arthur is still modelling for artists today some 38 years later. In-between all of this Arthur has backpacked through the Amazon, around Australia, and Belieze, had a heart attack and had several operations for skin cancer.
Arthurs greatest moment? His first public speech 25 years ago, even if he did last only 39 seconds before drying up. That moment was a life changing moment that brought Arthur out of a shy shell. Arthur still speaks publicly today addressing the WI and Rotary club on a regular basis.
So what is next for Arthur? Will he give up his swimming? When I asked him this question he replied, “My trunks will be cremated with me.” So I guess we are lucky enough to have many more pages to turn in Arthurs adventures.
Lunch at the lifestyle drawing class
Arthur sitting for the lifestyle class 8 7 5

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