Editing photos with examples

It seems forever since I last updated my blog but as they say, “better late than never.”

The following images are snapshot of my editing at different stages from straight out of camera (SOC) to the mid point and finally the image after post.

The first image below is the straight out of camera shot, from this shot you will see a lot of small scratches and dents. All in all it needs a good clean up in Photoshop.

Straight out of camera

Straight out of camera

The following image is my mid-point image, I have cleaned up the scratches, dents and other untidy elements of the image. It was at this point I made the choice to turn the image into black & white.

Straight out of camera

Mid point image Black&White

Finally the finished image. From this image you will see a dramatic change to the overall feel and subject. Items added at this stage: Reflection, rain, colour to the lens, blue tint and shower droplets.

Final post production complete

Final post production complete

Over the next 4 weeks I will post a step by step breakdown from photographing the image to the final editing techniques used in Photoshop. I will also make available the original image (SOC) and the final PSD file that contains all the layers that made up the effects you see above.

Until then….


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