Human Traffic


The beauty of architecture, engineering and design can be found all around us if we just pause for a moment and look. The photograph above is an example of amazing shape and form, it is a modern building used for corporate office space but somehow the utility of the building renders the beauty invisible. I watched people walk up and down those stairs without ever standing back to look at what they are walking on, it is a shame really as I hope you can see from the photograph it really has a lot to look at. I wonder how many people have looked down but have not seen the stairs crossing looking like train tracks carrying the people to their offices, hence the title of this blog “Human Traffic.”

Vandalredlabel ArchI found this at the top of those stairs and again it looked somewhat neglected and abandoned.

We tend to swoon over the beauty of architecture from the past, people travel all over the world to witness classic period architecture and strongly dismiss the ugly modern buildings that are springing up all over the planet. Now I am not saying that corporate office space can be compared to the architecture found in Florence for example, but what I am saying is, stop, look around you, what do you see? I think you may be surprised

Happy looking


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