Only ever post your best photos?

1-5The internet has given us all the ability to interact with one-another instantly from anywhere and about anything, which we frequently do! The proof is here in this blog as I tap merrily away…….

20 years ago if you had said “I am going to write a blog and post it for everyone in the World to see” you would have had some very strange looks indeed.

Technology and especially the speed in which we can transfer data from one place to the next has been driven by our hunger to be heard, be seen, to hear and to see. So now we arrive nicely to the title of this blog, “only ever post your best photos,” I have read, heard and been told this advice many many times and it confuses the hell out of me!!

I think of this advice a lot especially when I post a new photo to my website or Facebook page. Is it my best photo, “surely not,” “of course it is,” “so what if it isn’t,” “so what if it is.” All this stuff and it is messy stuff, flows through my mind and I bet the minds of thousands upon thousands of people everyday as they post up their latest blog, photo, update or anything that they personally construct, and there it is my friends! “Personally construct,” these two words mean you have put together something yourself and because it has been written, taken or crafted by yourself it is precious, yours and simply it must be the best thing you have ever done or at least one of the best things for you to be showing the World, right?


In your case it might be, in my case it certainly isn’t but what I do post I find interesting and what one person finds interesting I can show you a thousand who would disagree. I think displaying what you consider to be your best work to a client is very important, but would the client be interested in some of your not so “best” work too? Would it show your creativeness your journey and even add that human touch? I guess that is a question that will go on and on in the minds of thousands of people who ponder over their latest creation thinking is this good enough to show the world….


If you find it interesting I strongly suggest you post it, but do expect thousands to disagree!

On this page are photos I took that I find interesting, is it my best work, no, but I like it.


You can see more of my photography here or be social here it would be great to see you!



About vandalredlabel

You can see more here You can become social here it would be great to see you! I'm a 40 something photographer who is stumbling along trying to find creative freedom that pays the bills. Not too much to ask for I reckon, but I guess the world has other ideas..
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