Shooting outside of a studio (and behind the scenes video)


If you have read any of my previous posts you will know I am looking for a better basic space that offers me some natural lighting, some interesting textures as in brick walls and enough room to setup my Elinchrom Quadras. I am not looking for a 30×30 box, oh no, it must have windows!

As I have stated before, this type of place exists however hire costs are extremely expensive. So my quest is to find a new reasonably priced location that I can take on a mid / long term lease continues unabated. With my interest in reasonably priced space at an all time high I seem to stumble daily upon many articles written on the internet regarding studios and their merits .

A couple of days ago I read an interesting view point on ref photography studios and their uses which often leads to a lack of creativeness. I read this with interest as the author went onto say money would be better spent on lighting or gear that will enable you to go out shoot, learn your trade and become a better photographer. The author was writing in reply to a tweet he had seen from a student looking to raise cash towards building a permanent studio at his university.

I do agree with some points raised that a studio can remove a certain amount of creativeness if it is the only place that you shoot, but I do not agree that a studio space should not be used or in fact you cant become a better photographer by using a studio. Where else can you setup lights in a controlled environment and master clam lighting for arguments sake?


Now I come to an example of a non studio (controlled) environment, the attached photos on this post were all taken in a small apartment, they certainly could pass for being taken in a studio, well I hope they can!! What the shots do not show is the confined space, the time it took to set up the lighting correctly, and the 10 near misses we had with the light stand and a reflector.

You can take reasonably produced photographs outside of a studio that look like they were shot in a studio but not with the same level of control or efficiency on your own, trust me.



I would always recommend hiring a studio for a couple of hours if it is a studio look or a controlled environment you are after, save your gear from the pitfalls of knock and bangs, save the models health and safety and save your own time and money. It just makes sense!

You can see more of my photography here or be social here it would be great to see you!

And finally here is a BTS look at how the attached shots were taken, I hope you enjoy.

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You can see more here You can become social here it would be great to see you! I'm a 40 something photographer who is stumbling along trying to find creative freedom that pays the bills. Not too much to ask for I reckon, but I guess the world has other ideas..
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