One of the hardest things I find with my photography is choosing whether to display a Black and white or colour image! Don’t get me wrong some images are destined and definitely shot to be black and white and others are certainly only going to be colour, its the ones that I see with a foot in each camp so to speak that I have trouble with 

I’m starting to wonder if the real reason why I find it hard to choose is simply because the image isn’t that strong to start with and hence the need to try a B&W edit too.


Attached are 2 identical images one B&W and one colour, it would be great to get some good old honest feedback.

  • Which do you prefer 
  • Is the image weak
  • What would you change

A little background: The image is a business portrait capturing the feel of the coffee shop owner and her products above and beyond the coffee.


If you read this please do take a moment to let me know your thoughts 

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About vandalredlabel

You can see more here You can become social here it would be great to see you! I'm a 40 something photographer who is stumbling along trying to find creative freedom that pays the bills. Not too much to ask for I reckon, but I guess the world has other ideas..
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2 Responses to Decisions…..

  1. I feel your pain buddy….I labour over similar decisions. In this instance I think the colour version has more punch. I think it is the clarity in the eyes.
    Nice work with the blog Jon……….I have been toying with the idea also. One day……maybe.

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