Keeping up appearances

Several things have happened over the last week:

Birmingham at nightJonathan Bell©

Birmingham at night
Jonathan Bell©

  • I’m one year older
  • I have spent a lot of time up high buildings
  • I’m still no closer in finding a suitable location for a studio (please see first post)
  • I have written 3 entries into my blog (never thought I would get this far)

The one year older thing really shouldn’t bother me at all I mean we all do it, get older that is and I’m not one year older overnight it takes 365 days to get there for heavens sake so I should be prepared! The truth is it doesn’t bother me until the day after my birthday, when I will begin the mourning process of a lost year for the next 30 days or so! The last 365 days have been slightly different from the last that I wont go into right now but I do promise to divulge at a later date. I will be honest, I did start to write everything down, but it was too much for me to take in let alone anyone else…

Moving swiftly onto high buildings that have been prominent over the last week. The Shard in London and the Cube in Birmingham, they are very different places and offer very different things to their visitors . The Shard is brand new, slender, shiny and standing proud whereas the Cube is squat, bulky and hidden away to some extent.

The visit to the Shard was a surprise trip for my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed for that reason alone. The building to me was soulless, the visiting experience felt clinical as I passed through a body scanner and was patted down by a young lady with a metal detector asking “did you forget to take off your watch!” Security passed and now herded into a lift that travels at 6 mtrs a second making your ears pop on the way up, it is that quick it takes away the sense of height travelled so it does come has a surprise when you finally get to see the view. The views are magnificent and can be seen in my second post, but to be honest again, I felt disconnected from the world below much like I do when I fly across Europe gazing out of the window wondering what people are doing in the towns below as they go about their daily business oblivious to you above them. All in all I felt much more at one with the world when I walked out of the Shard and into Borough market having my senses tantalised at every turn.

Now on the flip side to this is the Cube, the squat building more or less hidden out of the way. It is a lot smaller than the Shard, less important yet quietly getting on with things. I really enjoyed it! I had a meal and gazed out of the windows feeling more connected with the surroundings and far more interested in the landscape even if it didn’t have panoramic views of the most famous buildings in the country at its feet.

This now moves me on nicely to my search for a studio space, you see, I don’t need a Shard I need a Cube.. I need the interesting, quiet unassuming not the clinical and soulless. The quest continues to find my own Cube at a price that is affordable and where I feel the building lends itself to the process of being creative.

Needless to say I’m still looking, I have finished my 3rd blog and my feet are firmly back on the ground.

View from the window of the Cube (taken with a fuji x100, you can see more of my photography here or be social here


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