Location location location


1) Natural light with a large window or two

2) Walls: brick, plastered, broken plaster I really don’t mind but I need a wall as long as isn’t some wacky colour

3) Space: I need some not a great deal but more than enough to swing a cat

4) Floor: I really need one of these, preferably one that hasn’t got nails, broken glass, rat droppings or so much rubbish on it I need a skip (please see “space” above)

The Person:

Photographer, owner of Vandal Red Label photography, middle aged, should know better, never learns, likes the world to know, self opinionated, nice guy from Birmingham (UK)


Now I’m not an overly fussy person as you can see from my requirements, I’m an optimist in fact! Optimist! Well I was until I started to look for a suitable location to shoot with the above requirements, they dont exist you see, well that is a lie they do but I just don’t know where for less than £500 for a days hire…..

Now £500+ for a days hire is great when you have a corporate budget but not so great when you only have your own budget for a portfolio update or two. My last shoot at the weekend (see image below) offered plenty of promise, the building was old and full of character and more floor space than you could shake a stick at, it was such a shame that the floor space was occupied by the worlds supply of bric a brac. I struggled to get the shots I really wanted but hey we soldiered on and muddled something together, how I really don’t know! I walked out of there freezing, the model had goose bumps on top of goose bumps and my kit was so dusty I’m scared to change a lens until I’m ready to clean the sensor tomorrow.


Today however I have decided to search in earnest for that elusive shooting nirvana as described above in the requirements. I will find it I know I will and I’m sure along the way I will have a story or two to tell hence the start of this blog, a record of triumph or disappointment only time will tell.

This blog isn’t going to be restricted to property searches I will blog about the shoots I have along the way too, oh, and some of the things that really get my back up in the world of photography! I am going to have a little bet with myself that if I get a reader following this blog they will enjoy my ranting far more than the property search.

Well that’s it for now, a very slow and steady step into blogging the world of Vandal red label photography and all the wonderful things that happen in the background.

If you are interested in the shoot from the weekend you can see the shots here http://www.vandalredlabel.co.uk (the album with the blue cover shot)

Last thing, if you would like to stop this blog at anytime or are simply a good Samaritan and already know my shooting nirvana exists and would like to share, please get in touch!

Ta ta for now



About vandalredlabel

You can see more here www.vandalredlabel.co.uk You can become social here http://www.facebook.com/Jonathanbellphotography it would be great to see you! I'm a 40 something photographer who is stumbling along trying to find creative freedom that pays the bills. Not too much to ask for I reckon, but I guess the world has other ideas..
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2 Responses to Location location location

  1. jon your photography skills are outstanding. I really enjoyed the faces gallery. wow!!!
    what camera do you use . sorry if i missed this detail on your blog/

    • Hi Tasha,

      Thank you for your kind words! I use a Canon 5D markiii for all the images on my website, my walk around camera is a fuji X100, it has a beautiful form and is not at all intimidating like the 5D is. The 5D is a tool and demands many expensive lenses, the Fuji is a pleasure to use, so unassuming and gives such fantastic results.


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